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Made in France quality

The MARLENHEIM facility has been the sole manufacturing plant and figurehead for French laminate flooring since 2010 and it produces all ALSAPAN flooring products.

Every one of our products is made using French expertise, the guarantee of quality and compliance with social and environmental standards. All the panels used by Alsapan are PEFC™ certified: the wood used in our flooring is sourced from sustainably-managed forests. Product compliance is checked at 18 to 21 points along the assembly line, while every plank is stamped for traceability purposes.

Alsapan flooring is A+ rated for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

*Information as to emissions of volatile compounds in the indoor air, which might be harmful to the health when inhaled, on a scale from Class A+ (very low emissions) to C (high emissions)



Laminate flooring planks comprise four layers

  • Overlay: a transparent, resin-based protective film which is what makes laminate flooring so hardwearing
  • Decorative paper: a printed layer which gives the flooring its appearance, with authentic wood reproduction, colours and other designs.
  • HDF core layer: High-Density Fibreboard is made of fibres and resin-based ecologically-safe bonding agents which are compressed to form extremely hard panels, which meet the E1 standard (low in formaldehyde).
  • Balancing layer: the stabilising layer is covered with a resin and applied to the bottom of the HDF layer. It prevents moisture rising and gives the board its stability.

A 3-part manufacturing process

1) Pressing, a precision operation: The melamine-impregnated decorative paper is precision positioned by laser on the HDF panel. The overlay and the balancing layer are positioned by laser on and under the HDF core layer. A camera checks for surface faults during the pressing process. The overlay, decorative paper, the HDF core layer and the balancing layer are then fused by polymerisation (DPL system).

2) Machining, attention to detail: after a stabilising stage, the pressed panels can be machined. The whole of the pressing line is computer-controlled and each phase is monitored and managed independently.

3) The final stage is to ensure that our products are delivered in perfect condition – the planks are packaged in protective cardboard and then film-wrapped